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Sunak and Johnson pushed repeatedly against autumn lockdown, inquiry told

The official inquiry into the UK’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic heard on Monday that Rishi Sunak, the then-Chancellor, and Boris Johnson, the then-Prime Minister, repeatedly pushed against a national lockdown in the autumn of 2020.

The inquiry was told that Sunak and Johnson were concerned about the economic impact of a lockdown and that they believed that other measures, such as regional restrictions and mask mandates, would be sufficient to control the virus.

However, the inquiry also heard that scientists and public health experts were warning that a national lockdown was necessary to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

The inquiry heard that Sunak and Johnson eventually agreed to a national lockdown in November 2020, but only after the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths had soared.

The inquiry’s findings have been met with criticism from some quarters. Critics say that Sunak and Johnson should have listened to the scientists and imposed a lockdown sooner. They also say that the government’s handling of the pandemic was chaotic and that many lives could have been saved if the government had acted more decisively.

Sunak and Johnson have defended their actions, saying that they were making difficult decisions in unprecedented circumstances. They have also said that they were following the best scientific advice available at the time.

The inquiry is continuing and is due to publish its final report in 2024.


The inquiry’s findings are significant because they raise questions about the UK government’s decision-making during the COVID-19 pandemic. The inquiry also highlights the importance of listening to scientific advice, even when it is difficult to hear.


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