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What Time is it in the UK Right Now?

When it comes to keeping track of time, knowing the current time in different parts of the world can be essential. Whether you’re planning a trip, scheduling a virtual meeting, or simply curious about what time it is in a different country, having this information at your fingertips can be quite useful. In this article, we will focus on the current time in the United Kingdom and how you can easily find out what time it is there right now.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

To understand the current time in the UK, it’s important to be familiar with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). UTC is the primary time standard used across the globe, serving as a reference point for timekeeping in different time zones. It is based on atomic time, using highly precise atomic clocks to ensure accuracy.

The UK follows UTC as its standard time, with some variations depending on the time of year. During the winter months, the UK observes Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is the same as UTC. However, during the summer months, the UK switches to British Summer Time (BST), which is UTC+1.

Converting UTC to UK Time

If you want to know the current time in the UK, you can easily convert UTC to UK time by adding or subtracting the appropriate number of hours. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Determine the current UTC time.
  2. Check if the UK is currently observing GMT or BST.
  3. If the UK is observing GMT, the current time in the UK is the same as the current UTC time.
  4. If the UK is observing BST, add one hour to the current UTC time to get the current time in the UK.

For example, if the current UTC time is 12:00 PM and the UK is observing BST, the current time in the UK would be 1:00 PM.

Online Time Converters

If you prefer a more convenient way to find out the current time in the UK, there are numerous online time converters available. These websites allow you to simply enter the UTC time, select the UK as the destination, and instantly get the corresponding local time in the UK.

Some popular online time converters include,, and These platforms not only provide the current time in the UK but also offer additional features such as time zone conversions, daylight saving time information, and world clock displays.

Mobile Apps and Widgets

For those who prefer accessing time information on their mobile devices, there are also various mobile apps and widgets available that can provide the current time in the UK. These apps often come with additional features such as alarms, timers, and the ability to track time in multiple locations simultaneously.

Some popular time-related apps include World Clock Time Widget, Time Buddy, and The Time Zone Converter. These apps can be easily downloaded from app stores and offer a user-friendly interface for quickly accessing time information.


Knowing the current time in the UK is essential for various purposes, and there are multiple ways to find out this information. Whether you prefer online time converters, mobile apps, or simply converting UTC to UK time manually, you can easily stay updated with the current time in the UK. By understanding the concept of UTC and the UK’s time variations, you can ensure that you are always aware of the correct time in this part of the world.


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